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Every Wednesday the Junior Cycling team heads out to the Cherry Creek State Park for the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial.  5 Races complete and 2 more to go and the team is doing great.  The FRCC/Inspired Training Center Tent is the place to be with many visitors stopping each week to say hello!   Wonderful Wednesdays!   And the results have been great so far.

The organizing team – the COBRA’s   – have generously provided scholarships for some of our racers.   The Front Rangers Cycling Club will receive a donation from the Cobras after the 7th race to help defray some costs for our racers.    The Cobras also set up a block of starting times so that most of the team can start together.  This allows the parents to see them at the start and then troop over to the turn around to catch them there as they fly by.   Following each race the coaches from Inspired Training Center do a special training session.

Some of the fun rankings so far:

JM 09-10 526162 Gianni Bottone 1


JM 11-12 523782 Toren Knepper 2


JM 15-16 497963 Zach Campbell 1
524458 Vikram Vasan 2
429425 William Brossmer 3


JW 11-12 507739 Claire Brown 1


JW 13-14 509599 Amoris Bigler-Redd 1
425219 Lana Pensoneau 3
530621 Abby Imel 4


FRCC Jr. Team making a mark at Cherry Creek Time Trial