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The Front Rangers have always had a few juniors that would venture out and do some CX races however never enough to make a full team but 2017 is different!  We have 16 youth on the FRCC CX Team.

Eight of the youth on the team are from the Sun Valley Youth Center.   After participating in many of the Front Rangers outreach rides they have decided to increase their participation and join the CX Team.

2017 CX Team


  • Niyonkuru Belitra
  • Ami Bigler-Redd
  • Jashaun Blackmon
  • Will Brossmer
  • Mark Deferse
  • Paul Deferse
  • Peter Deferse
  • Ian Edwards
  • Eli Ferguson
  • Christian Iramfasha
  • Adriana Kahanek
  • Ansara Mahamed
  • Numan Mahamed
  • Michael True
  • Vikram Vasan
  • Quinn Yates


  • Chris Cleavlin
  • Aaron Zoerner

Coach Assistants

  • Doug Ferguson
  • Fergus Moynihan
  • Lauren Zoerner


Front Rangers have a new Junior CX Team !