A collaboration between the Front Ranger Cycling Club & the High Line Canal Conservancy

A five-day bike ride with disadvantaged inner city youth of the High Line Canal from start to finish. It would be a day ride not overnight. Each day would consist of a lunch with an educational session about an aspect of the High Line Canal such as history, a particular eco-system, etc. and at the end of the day there would be an Ice Cream debrief where the youth can talk about their thoughts about that section of the High Line Canal while enjoying a yummy ice cream treat.

The Tour de Freeze will provide a much needed day camp for inner city youth; allow the Front Rangers to continue to expose inner city, disadvantaged youth to a cycling as a healthy fun activity;  serve as a test program for potential programming on the High Line Canal Trail; and most of all provide an opportunity for the youth to complete a full ride!

Date/Time:  Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28 9:00am


Day 1: Monday July 24 – 10 Miles

Day 2: Tuesday July 25 – 12.5 Miles

Day 3: Wednesday July 26 – 12.5 Miles

Day 4: Thursday July 27 – 13.9 Miles

Day 5: Friday July 28 – 12.7 Miles












About the Conservancy





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